About Us

Welcome to LearnEnergy!

Why LearnEnergy?

It is an online business resource for the oil and gas industry to share knowledge, discover new technologies and education and to collaborate with others to advance our industry.

How does LearnEnergy work?

We are collaborating with industry to develop an online resource/marketplace that meets your needs to learn more, do more and achieve more. We are starting with a video newsletter and library of quick, informative videos as well as white papers about new technologies, education and industry issues. We encourage you to find out more by digitally introducing you to the innovators of our featured videos and white papers.

We are going to include a Question and Answer forum for everyone to bounce their questions, ideas, concerns and potential solutions between members. We will be seeking your input on the best format.

Other features are coming too, like an industry innovation directory, however, we will would like your feedback before we incorporate them. We want to create an industry resource community that meets the needs of the industry. Your needs and your company’s needs.

Personalized Matchmaking Services

Whether you are a technology company seeking new customers or an oil and gas company seeking solutions to a problem we can help. In addition to our informative articles and videos that provide digital introductions and our Q & A forum, LearnEnergy provides customized personal match-making services for your organization. Ours fees are based on our performance in advancing technology and education businesses It is our way of ensuring we are providing solid, quantifiable benefits to their organizations.

Contact us for more information.

Where are we?

LearnEnergy’s offices are in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We are initially focused on the Canadian oil and gas industry with plans to expand to be an international online community for the energy industry. We will support and promote technological, economical and environmental innovations to advance the industry.